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   Windows Vista Benchmarking tool      
      Windows System Assessment Tool (WINSAT), is a free benchmarking tool that measures various performance characteristics and capabilities of a computer running in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

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   Access your drives using Start Computer option as menu      

Ever wanted to access your drives and explorer instantly?!

This is one of the built-in options in customizations that is usually forgotten. Most of these tips are really simple and usually speed us day by day while using our computers.

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   Hiding Drives with No Media mounted in Windows 7      
      This is the new option in Windows 7 that will let you hide empty drives or with no mounted media in Explorer. Let’s dig and unlock the hidden secrets behind the new feature!

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   Display the Last Logon Time for Users in Windows 7, XP and Vista      
      Query User Utility can display the current users idle and logon time. Net.exe is a command line tool since Windows 95 and 98 is proven to be useful in many ways that offers a light weight functions to network via DOS command line.

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   Query User Utility, Displays the Logon Time for Windows 7 and Vista Users      
      If you left your computer idle for several hours and you want to know the login time. This simple command will show the exact time.

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   Using Subst command to create virtual drives      
      Subst is being use to associate or substitutes folders as virtual drives. The command lets you access data easily and By functionality, its almost the same as creating folders to computer window.

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