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   How to Connect to a Wireless Computer Network (Wifi) Using Command Prompt      
      At Windows 7 and Vista, there are several enhancements that makes geeky computing great. One of these are WLAN commands to configure your wireless local area network or configure multiple computers using command prompt. Here’s how to connect to a Wifi-Network using command-line program called Netsh.

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   The Four Hidden Google Chrome Icons      
      Did you know that there are three more hidden cool icons in the application itself?

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   Test your computer for Bad memory using the Memory Diagnostic Tool      
      Your computer will boot fine then suddenly it freezes like installing a software that went on a loop. Then you’ll noticed the red led lights up. Afterwards, you will hear a beep.

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   Finding scan.exe at McAfee Superdat for VirusScan Command Line      
      VirusScan Command Line utility is a program that provides a way to quickly perform virus-checking using the command prompt. It is an alternative to scanners that uses windows graphical user interface (GUI). It is effective and provides quick solution against viruses, trojan-horse programs, and other types of potentially unwanted software.

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   Access a Computer using VNC as Remote Desktop Alternative      

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) alternative such as RealVNC provides remote interaction with desktop or computer across the network. It let’s you access any pc interactively as long as you have the utility.

For the maintenance of Windows XP home workstations which RDP terminal server is not supported, encountered RDP tcp port 3389 error – this free utility is the nearest product for you.

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   How to check the time remaining before expiration of Windows 7 license      
      Want to see the current license state of computers running in Windows 7? Here’s a quick tip on how to verify the expiration date of your computer running in any edition of Windows 7.

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