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   Adding Desktop Icons using Microsoft Tweakui through WinBubble and Regdevelop      

Tweakui was once the most popular in customization program through windows 98 to windows xp registry, it was too easy to use and apply. In that time, the tool provides a very simple design for performing tasks that is usually can be done only by administrators and geeks.

[Icon registry settings] Let’s study how it’s made and create a similar program using winbubble or regdevelop…

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   How to Remove Phone Icon Entries from My Computer in Windows 7      
      If you have a shared computer and being use by your family and friends, cell phone entries to computer window is very difficult to removed. Here's a quick tip to remove selected entries.

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   WordWeb: Quickly search definitions and find meaning of words      

Looking for the right English words?

Wordweb is an English thesaurus and full dictionary software available for looking up words easily.

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   Adding Virtual Folders to My Computer Window      
      Do you want to create a windows 7 library alternative for Vista to access folders easily? Here's a nice tip that let's you add virtual folders and drives to computer window.

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   How to Add Icons to Control Panel in Windows 7 and Vista (Folders, Programs or Applications)      
      Did you ever wonder how mainstream manufacturers add custom Control Panels Items for their hardware?

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   How to Create an Ad Hoc Configuration for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)      
      You want to share your internet connection provided by your telecom operator through wireless PC or laptops because you want to move freely in any direction. An Ad Hoc connection is a wireless network that has no central node and the stations can be fix or mobile. Let’s study how to create an Ad Hoc for temporary network for sharing of files or an internet connection.

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