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   Command Line Switches for msconfig.exe (System Configuration Utility) and Tools Tab Customization      
      MSConfig is a utility to edit configuration files and startup programs. You can also use of the tool to optimized your computer performance depending on your needs.

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   Gmail Account Hack! Detecting if opened in another location      
      Google launch a new feature that detects suspicious activity in your gmail account for free!

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   Save Energy by Adding “Turn Off Monitor/LCD” to Folders and Orb Ball in Windows 7 and Vista      
      Are you the type of person who always do-the-right thing? Monitor corresponds to 42-43% usage in power consumption everyday. If you have plenty of computers in your house, This tip will save you a lot of electricity bills from your pocket.

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   Displaying the Run Option in Start Menu      

Start Menu Run option is not included as default feature in newer version of Windows. Probably the designers is comfortable and want to popularize the Start Search feature. Anyway, how to re-enable the option is easy…

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   How to Get the Product Key in 64-Bit version of Windows 7      
      Many users believed in the negative feedback during the start of Vista campaign several years ago. We all know that the operating system has undergone a lot of changes and each changes needs adaption.

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   Three-clock Configuration in System Time      

Windows can display up to three additional clocks and time in other time zones. Viewing can be done by hovering or pointing to the taskbars clock.

Lets dig into the topic from Windows to registry.

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