Advance Context Menu Customizations for Windows 7 and Vista
Location: Tools Tab

Adding Entries to Computer, Desktop, Internet Explorer, Network Icon and Start Menu button Right-Click Menu
Customizing your Context Menu just got easy!

  Using WinBubble advance Context Menu customization tool, adding any application to right click menu is easy. Usually these are parts of the registry to tweak and hack that you need to memorize and master.
Using the tool you can easily add and edit right click menu entries.

Especially with
WinBubbles for Windows 7 in which you can add and edit several icons of your explorers context menu.

The great thing about the tool is that you can make a backup easily before changing some settings. Even If your not a dedicated or just starting to learn to customize your computer, WinBubble will make every tweaking much easier.

Not Just For the Geeks But For All.

Adding Any Application to Context Menus as an app launcher

This is a good alternative for desktop shortcuts.


Note: Click the Backup Button to save the original settings

Open WinBubble > Go to Tools Tab > Choose the location of the Right Click Menu by clicking the button > Type the name of the application and locate the program by clicking the Browse button > finally click the Add Button. That's it!

For Windows 7 you can add any icon to Right Click Menus using WinBubble.

You also can read more examples from the old version of winbubbles here.

"Open with Notepad" option in All Files

If you want to know how the "Open with Notepad" option was added. Click the Windows Explorer (All Files) button and use the options below:

Name:      Open with Notepad      (or any name that you want)

Command: notepad %1

Click the Add Button. That's it!


Adding Icons For Specific Files Right Click Menu in Windows 7


Type or select any known files type e.g. .jpg and click the specific entry that you want to edit e.g. open or edit < Click the small secret button in the right side of the application to activate "Search mode" < simply add any icon by clicking the browse button < Finally, Click the Add Button.




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