Youtube Direct Download Links
Extracts Youtube Links automatically
  Easy Access (not yet working)  
Bookmarklet and IE Favorites
  View Source Technique (working)    
  If you can't find the mp4 format, add &fmt=18 to youtube url

Right-Click any portion and click View Source while watching the video

Press CTRL + F and type ",url="
from here get all the strings from "http...." until  "ipbits"
before "\u0026quality=" and paste to the url decoder

  Decode Utility
Click the Button once or twice until % is removed
  Right-Click Save As  
then write the filename and file extension ".mp4" or ".flv"

GET YOUTUBE DDU is an intelligent web application that aims to ease up everything in saving and copying youtube videos for offline viewing.

It will automatically parse, trap and clip problems in youtube url.

Great Youtube Downloader for Everyone!

The web app will display all the possible formats:

  • Flash videos (.flv) in different file sizes

  • High-Quality MP4 (.mp4)

  • High-Definition Videos in 720P and 1080P (.mp4)

  • new formats





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